Summer Vibes: Top 3 Makeup Products

Yasssssss, summer is finally here! I don’t know about you but summer is my favorite time of the year. I love the fashion and beauty trends that come around this time of the year and I lowkey enjoy the heat although it’s always hot here in the Caribbean. I just enjoy being on the beach and sipping on a nice cold drink.

Last weekend was the annual St.Kitts Music Festival, so my summer started off with a bang! I was given the opportunity to be behind the festival’s snapchat which was an amazing way to experience my first St.Kitts Music Festival. This allowed me to receive backstage access and to attend the press conferences where I met amazing artists including Alison Hinds.


I also had to attend all of the St.Kitts Music Festival fringe events which were a lot of fun. My favorite fringe event was ESCAPE which took place at Salt Plage, Green House Band did so amazing! The St.Kitts Music Festival Snapchat/Instagram team and I really enjoyed ourselves that evening.


The St.Kitts Music Festival is truly an experience you won’t want to miss. I enjoyed every single performance although I wasn’t too familiar with some of the artist’s music. I also discovered a new instrument, called the Cello which was owned by the talented Third World.


Let’s get into what we really came here for, my top 3 summer makeup products. The St.Kitts Music festival was then followed by White Sands Arabia hosted by Carambola. It was a long weekend so your girl had to get cute and the three makeup  products I reached for the most were the Saharan Palette by Juvias Place, Mac’s Mineralized SkinFinish in the shade Gold Deposit and the Kylie Lipkit in the shade 22.


The Saharan Palette by Juvia’s Place is so beautiful and pigmented. As you can see I’ve been using it quite a lot because it has gotten a little messy. You can create so many looks using this palette. You can create a very bright look if you’re going to brunch with your girls, a smokey eye for that upcoming date night or if you want to play it safe you can do something natural.

Here’s a look I created using the palette. I did a simple cut crease using the shades, Katsina, Jamila and Senegal. To complete this look I used another favorite, Mac’s Mineralized SkinFinish in the shade Gold Deposit for that perfect summer glow!


My last summer makeup favorite has to be the Kylie Lipkit in the shade 22. It’s the perfect orange liquid lipstick! I love bold lipsticks in the summer. If you’re not into bold lipsticks you can tone it down using a brown lip liner, for example a Mac lip liner in the shade Chestnut.


There are so many more beauty products being released this summer that I’m so excited to try out. I’ll definitely do an updated blog post about my new makeup favorites. Hope my lovelies enjoyed this blog post!



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