Styling Tribal Braids

This week’s blog is going to be all about my hair which I love so much! I have decided to wear protective styles all summer, since I’ll be traveling and going to a lot of events. I wanted something that would be easy to style and deal with. It has been awhile since the last time I wore braids so I decided to try out this new braiding style called Tribal Braids which I saw all over Instagram. I made an appointment with Jalicia Benjamin because this girl’s hands are BLESSED and I wanted my braids to be perfect.

I love the African vibes I get from these braids! It makes me feel like a true African goddess. Shoutout to all my beautiful black sisters! I have been digging every style I’ve done with these braids but my go to styles has to be:

The half up, half down style, with a bun on top. I usually rock this style if I’m going to a formal or semi formal event. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and just do a bun instead.

On a typical day, I’ll just keep my braids down, especially days when I’m feeling lazy. Don’t forget, Tribal Braids are not complete without the beads and hair jewelry!

Two ponytails for hot summer days! This style definitely prevents me from getting too hot and it also takes me back to my natural hair days. My mom loved styling my natural hair like this.

With just a few pins, you can turn those ponytails into two buns. This style has to be my favorite. It’s just so fun and cute! Comment below your favorite style and what hairstyle you think I should try next. See you at my next post!



4 thoughts on “Styling Tribal Braids

  1. I love your braids so much! Especially the jewelry piece that was placed inthe front on the center braid.. each hairstyle is so unique and the braids are so versatile..


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