Endless Summer 

The Caribbean is one of the top vacation destinations in the World.  Many people love to visit the Caribbean just for the vibes, food and specifically for the weather. Fall and winter is soon approaching in many parts of the World, so it is time to escape the cold and come to a place where it always feels like summer! Everyone wants to be stylish on vacation. Your favorite island girl is about to give you some ideas on how you can SLAY in this heat. This blog post is also for my fellow island sisters so we can all snatch wigs in 2017!

Going site seeing or just having a chill day with the girls? No problem, I got you! Take out your favorite jeans and pair it with a stylish top. During my stay in Grand Cayman I wore these light blue denim jeans and paired them with a Forever 21 top which gave me an Asian vibe which I love so much. I got the top a size bigger than my typical size so that it can have a loose fit, which kept me cool for the entire day. I wore a grey, laced Calvin Klein bralette under my top to add a little spice to my outfit. If you’re interested in a bralette like this one, I would advise checking stores like Burlington and Ross before getting it from the Calvin Klein store because I got this bralette for less than ten dollars. I promise you I’m not kidding! I accessorized this outfit with gold jewelry, my favorite sunglasses from Sorella Boutique, a mini backpack from Forever 21 and Adidas slides. These slides are so comfortable, cute and convenient for when you’re on the go.

Mahogany Bay, Roatan is definitely the hottest place I have ever stepped foot on. All I wanted to do was go to the beach and sip on a cold, refreshing drink. Metallic swimsuits are currently the new wave in swimwear and I’m here for it! I got my metallic swimsuit from a boutique called UMI in the British Virgin Islands. It matched my Adidas slides so perfectly. Not only is this swimsuit metallic, it has a low back and ties at each side, fabulous right? I also wore this tropical printed, t-shirt dress from Pretty Little Thing as a cover up.

Yes, rutched clothing are a thing again! I loved this style as a kid. This dress did me justice when I visited Belize. It was perfect for the heat. I got this dress from Pretty Little Thing and decided to style it with my Adidas Superstars. The bright orange is definitely an eye catcher and it helps you to blend in with the wild life here in the Caribbean.

Loved this week’s blog post? If you did, check out my Vacation Lookbook on my YouTube channel, Tropical Beau for more ideas. Subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel to join the fun! Tropical Beau is the best place to be for good vibes. See you at my next post lovelies!



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