October Favorites!

Hey lovelies! I know it has been awhile since I have posted but I am back and better than ever! It is legit eight o’clock in the night and I thought to myself, wow I reallly miss you guys. I pulled out my laptop and immediately started blogging. That is just how much I love my lovelies. Grab a late night snack, because your girl is about to spill the tea on her favorite products for the month of October.

Isn’t life perfect when you can fit all of your holy grail products into your favorite handbag?

Victoria Secret’s Velvet Matte Liptsick, ‘Adored’ and Mac’s lip liner, ‘Chestnut’ has been my favorite lip combination. I have always been a fan of Victoria Secret’s lip products so when I heard that they were giving away free lipsticks when you try their latest bra, Sexy Illusions, I was all for it! This lipstick is the perfect nude. It looks amazing with or without the lip liner. Mac’s lip liner, ‘Chestnut’ will forever be my holy grail. My favorite content creators on YouTube motivated me to get this lip liner and they were definitely not exaggerating about how good it is. It makes every lipstick look twice as good especially nudes likes this Victoria Secret lipstick. I also top this lip combination with a pink gloss from time to time just to switch it up a little.

Need an inexpensive highlighter that will allow you to be seen from miles away? Sis, I got you! Let me introduce you to Maybelline’s Master Chrome highlighter, ‘Molten Gold’. This highlighter is hands down the best highlighter I have ever gotten my hands on. I still cannot get over how pigmented it is. Never sleep on drugstore makeup!

Satchel handbags are my favorite  handbags and I have finally found one that I can wear with literally everything! This beautiful black handbag is from Guess. Guess has been one of my favorite brands lately, they have the cutest hand bags for reasonable prices. This handbag has gold detailing which I love as well.

What has been your favorite products for the month of October? Spill the tea in the comments! See you at my next post!



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