Bobbi Boss “Crispina” Wig Review

Wigs are my new bestfriend! After being introduced to wigs finding an affordable, manageable and trendy hairstyle has been easy. Wigs come in various styles and colours. Since it was my first time, I decided to start with a synthetic wig which usually ranges between $20 and $80. I personally feel it’s better to start off with a wig that’s affordable as you are not sure how you’re going to like it.

After months of looking at YouTube videos to find the perfect first wig, I settled for Bobbi Boss’ 100% premium synthetic, lace front wig in the style Crispina. She comes in many colours but I kept it natural and choose the colour 1. If you’re not into long hair this is definitely not the wig for you. Crispina is very long and has beautiful beach wave curls which I love so much. What I love most about Crispina is that she’s VERY affordable. I purchased this wig from for less than $50. You can find many affordable wigs on this website. Shipping was very fast as I got my wig in no more than 5 days after purchase and my wig came just as promised. Here are a few pros and cons of Crispina,


1. Comes with three combs, one at the back and two at the front (one on each side).

2. Has an adjustable band.

3. 13″ x 4″ hand tied Swiss lace which allows free parting.

4. Needs little to no plucking.

5. Easy to style.

6. No shedding.


1. Minor tangling which I feel comes with any curly hair.Hope I influenced you to cop a wig because gurrrlllll they are BOMB! I’ll definitely be starting a little collection. If you enjoyed this wig review definitely give this post a thumbs up. See you on my next blog post!



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