Where Have I Been?

At last! At last! I am finally done with my two year associates degree program! The last couple of months have been very hectic. However, I crossed the finish line and it wouldn’t be without the big man above, God and the love and support from my family and friends. I am so ready for the next chapter of my life! Ready to further my education and to make my blog and Youtube channel BIGGER and better! Now, let’s catch up.

If you know me, you will know that I LOVE carnival! I am currently a resident of sweet sugar city, St.Kitts and we celebrate our National Carnival also known as Sugar Mas every year from the beginning of November to January 2nd. Kittitians know how to fete, so it’s always pure vibes and fun. Again, I love carnival so I try to participate in almost everything. One of my favorite memories from Sugar Mas 46 was Inception Fete. Inception Fete is a premium all inclusive fete and last year’s theme was Big Bad Soca. Well I think it’s obvious for soca lovers who took the stage that night. Bunji Garlin and his gorgeous wife headlined the night and they were fantastic!

My favorite thing to do during Carnival is play mas. Some people are a little bit shy when it comes to this aspect of Carnival. If you are one of those persons, trust me you would not regret coming out of your comfort zone. I saw a lot of new faces on the road this year and I heard almost everyone speak about participating again next year. The National Carnival Parade takes place on January 1st and is followed by Last lap on January 2nd, two days of endless fun. This year I played mas with Ultra Carnival in the section A Night In Paris. Ultra Carnival lived up to their expectations yet another year. The food, drinks and vibes was on point!

“New Year, New Me”, was not my motto when the year began but I definitely wanted some change. I am always known for my long, dark hair. Well that flew out the window! I decided to cut my hair into a bob and add some colour. I am currently thinking about going blonde this summer. What do you think? Should I?

I am a Taurus (7th May), emotionally strong, introverted and intelligent. This year I decided to celebrate my birthday with a few of my friends at one of the newest resorts in St.Kitts, Park Hyatt. This resort is absolutely stunning! Your photogenic side will definitely come out when visiting this resort as every turn is just so picture perfect. The Great House restaurant offers a breakfast buffet which I decided to try. I would definitely give it a solid 10 out of 10! The food was ambrosial and the hospitality was phenomenal. Sometimes locals are not given the best customer service but Park Hyatt definitely did not practice that. The staff always made sure that you were okay.

A few days after my birthday I had my final exams. I was so ready to get it over with yet still do well. My college experience went a little crazy but the wonderful people I met along the way made it all better.

The year is going by so fast, I cannot believe it’s Summer already. It’s time to spend time with your loved ones, have fun and live your best life!

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