Tropical Beau Takes Paris

Paris, oh comment je t’aime! Paris, the City of Love, is a place I have always wanted to visit. This Summer I was blessed with the opportunity to explore the city and of course Paris lived up to its standards! The architecture, sweet treats and fashion in Paris was perfect!

Traveling To Paris

A trip to Paris is one you should definitely plan more than 6 months in an advance. This way you can get the best deals on hotels and flights. Thankfully the flight was my only concern as I stayed by my aunt that lives in Paris. Online tools such as Kayak and Expedia really helped me to compare prices or even going on the airline’s website. Air Caraibes became my number one choice for taking a flight directly from the Caribbean to Paris. I love everything about traveling except the flights because I’m terrified of heights. When I heard that my flight from Guadeloupe to Paris was going to be 8 hours long I became so nervous! To my surprise it was not that bad, you were provided Internet (which came with a price), entertainment in the form of movies, tv shows and games, delicious meals and wonderful customer service provided by the flight attendants. In no time you were in Paris!

What To Do In Paris?

Seine River Cruise

The Seine River is an iconic landmark of Paris. It is spanned by 37 bridges! The Seine River Cruise is a unique way to see some of Paris’ top attractions. These include the Orsay Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower. Do not forget your sunscreen and a hat or you’ll be burnt before the cruise is over!

Palace Of Versailles

Outside of Paris is the beautiful Versailles! Versailles is the symbol of Absolute Monarchy, identified with the reign of Louis XIV. The Palace Of Versailles was the residence of the court of France but it was sadly abandoned after the death of Louis XIV. Today it is one of best attractions in France. We got to the Palace about 2 hours before closing time when lines were not as long. Everything about the Palace was stunning, the paintings, statues and magnificent architecture. I also got a lot of history lessons and was even told a tale about one of the court members whose body ran miles after his head was chopped off. One thing I really missed out on was the enchanting Garden. Tour guides told us that it was free after closing time but later when it was closing time we were told that it was not opened after hours on the day that we visited.

Disneyland Paris

My first time going to a Disney park got to be at the most romantic place on Earth and I would not have it any other way! The rides, parades and shows made my entire day so magical. My mom and aunt were the absolute best Disneyland buddies! Choose a day on your trip to just let loose and have fun at Disneyland Paris with your family and friends.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is where everyone dreams of seeing one day and I’m so thankful that my dreams came true! It is definitely a must see when in Paris! There are so many spots where you can take amazing pictures of the famous monument but it can sometimes be hard when it’s always packed with tourists. You can also become an art piece by supporting talented local artists, have a picnic near the Eiffel Tower as there are many gardens in the area and if you’re feeling adventurous a trip to the top of the tower will be ideal!

Where to Shop?

Champ Elysées

Paris is known to be the fashion capital of the world so shopping is a must! Champ Elysées is a great place to shop and dine as there are so many options. It’s also the home of the famous Arc De Triomphe!

Galleries Lafyette

Galleries Lafyette has to be the most beautiful mall I have ever stepped foot in! Although it is stunning, I’m not a fan of the malls layout. Every brand has its own “booth” which are very close to other brands, this makes it hard to walk around when it’s a busy day.

Where To Eat?

Les Deux Magots

Cafe De Flore is one of Paris’ most popular cafes which I sadly did not get to try as they were under renovation. I decided to settle for Les Deux Magot which is another cafe next to Cafe De Flore. I enjoyed my meal and the customer service was a solid 10/10! Other popular cafes include Ladurée which has the most delicious macaroons and Le Maison Rose.

There are so many things to see and do in Paris! I’ll definitely be back to experience more of this picture perfect place. I am forever thankful that this trip is checked off my Dream Vacations List! I wonder where Tropical Beau is off to next?

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