Spring Bucket List

Spring, a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be. A new season comes with new goals and new opportunities. Here’s a few things that are on my Bucket List for Spring that you may like to try as well.

Bucket List:

1. Have A Picnic

Illustrator: @jenbxart (Instagram)

Picnics are nice but they are even better when you have them with empowered women. I have always wanted to host an empowerment picnic for women. A place where we can escape from reality, empower each other, eat our life away and most importantly have fun!

2. Go To New Events/Restaurants


There are quite a few events and restaurants in St. Kitts that I would love to try for Spring and I will be crossing one of them off of my bucket list today. My friend and I will be attending Carambola’s Sushi Buffet this evening and I honestly cannot wait to stuff my face! Other events and restaurants I would love to try are:

  • Spice Fest, a food, art and music festival which takes place at Spice Mill every year from the 25-28th of April.
  • Breaking Dawn, Escape To Eden by Inception Fete is an all inclusive breakfast beach fete. This year will be my first time attending the event, better late than never right? Dress in your most exotic beachwear and join me at Carambola’s Beach Club On June 10th for Breaking Dawn 4.0.
  • Salt Plage’s Full Moon Party takes place once every month. Although this is not a new event for me, I would love for those of you who have never attended this party to do so because it is so much fun! The music, drinks and vibes at this party is always a solid 10!
  • Wok N’ Roll is not a new restaurant to the region but it is here in St.Kitts. Heard it’s awsome so let’s hope it lives up to its expectations here in Sugar City.

3. Break The Internet


The beautiful flowers that blossom during Spring make great backgrounds for Instagram photos! I have not been taking as much pictures as I used to but this season, I’m stepping on everyone’s neck.

4. Try New Beauty Products


There are a few beauty products I really want to try this Spring and they include:

  • Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra Fine Mist, a hydrating mist which can be used on all skin types and is also said to refresh skin and enhance makeup.
  • Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer, another hydrating product and it includes hemp-derived cannabis seed extract and blue agave extract for all-day hydration and hold.
  • Body Lava by Fenty Beauty, a body iluminizer which everyone, including myself begged Rihanna to bring back this Spring is finally here and the new shade Trophy Wife is to die for! The Body Lava also comes in the shades Who Needs Clothes?! and Brown Sugar which is displayed in the photo above.

All of the products listed above can be purchased in stores at Sephora or online.

5. Workout

Us slim girls can be unfit too. Going for a hike or even going jogging to take in Nature’s beauty are ways I plan to stay healthy.

Do you have Spring Bucket List? Share your goals for the season in the comments below.


Tropical Beau

2 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List

  1. You are so beautiful & this blog is fun to read. Keep it up, you’ll break the internet in no time lol!


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