Beauty Forever Hair Review: Malaysian Curly

Last Summer, your girl watched hundreds of YouTube videos trying to find great, affordable, authentic hair and I came across the hair company Beauty Forever Hair.  There are three websites where you can view and purchase their hair, on Aliexpress, Amazon and on their website. I am most familiar with purchasing their hair on Aliexpress, it is also where you can find the best discounts on the hair. My first purchase was one of their most popular hair textures, Body Wave, which I reviewed on my YouTube Channel, Tropical Beau. I was very impressed with the quality of the hair and also the customer service so I decided to try Beauty Forever Hair for a second time.

image1 (6)

From the moment I saw the texture, Malaysian Curly on Beauty Forever Hair’s Instagram I just knew we were meant to be! No, I am not being dramatic. The curl pattern of the hair looked amazing in every picture that I saw and it looked just as amazing when I received it. My package took approximately 3-4 business days to arrive to my mailing address. I purchased three 14″ bundles and a 12″ closure.  Thankfully, I have a sister who loves making wigs and is good at it,  your girl was looking popping for FREE, ha! Winning! If you are interested in a beautiful wig like the one seen above definitely message me on any of my social media platforms for more details.


After wearing the wig for about a month, it is safe to say that I love the hair! Here’s a few reasons why I love it so much!

  • Bundles were full
  • Minor shedding
  • Easy maintenance (Literally all I did everyday was brush the hair and spray the hair with a mixture of water and conditioner. Argon Oil was used a few times as well.)
  • Little to no tangling
  • Hair was VERY soft


I recommend this hair for first time wig owners and also for the girls that love the curls! I will be purchasing from Beauty Forever Hair again in the future as they always come through with good hair.

Let me know what you think about this texture!




Tropical Beau

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