Beauty Haul: Hit or Miss?

Here on Tropical Beau, it’s our job to keep you up to date on the latest beauty products. Fenty Beauty has recently launched a lot of new products to get us all ready to look beat to the gods this summer! These new products include bronzers,  Killawat Freestyle Higlighters, Stunna Lip Paints and the Body Lava made a reappearance. We were able to get our hands on one of their newest Stunna Lip Paints and their newest Body Lava shade, Trophy Wife.


Last Spring, Fenty Beauty came out with the limited edition Body Lava in two gorgeous shades, ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Who Needs Clothes’. What is the Body Lava you may ask? Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava is a body illuminizer with a sheer tint of colour which is said to be great for all skin tones. I love wearing body illuminizers when I’m going to an event and I’m showing a lot of skin and even when I’m going to the beach. Is it worth $59 though? When this product first launched I was very hesistant to spend that amount of money on something that can be easily made at home with cheaper products. This year everyone, including myself prayed for the Body Lava’s return and I also hoped that a smaller size would be available for a lower cost. Sadly, it returned and that was not available. However, it returned with a new shade, the iconic Trophy Wife! You may have heard about the Trophy Wife Killawat Freestyle Highlighter when Fenty Beauty just launched. This shade is known to be for the ladies that do not mind being a little bit extra as it is a show stopper! Model, Slim Woods took a video wearing this shade and the way it had her skin glowing like she swam in melted gold had me sold!


The Body Lava’s packaging is very beautiful and the bottle is huge! You definitely get a lot of product for your buck. Its size is 3 oz/ 90 mL. Trophy Wife is described as a lustrous metallic gold. 3-4 pumps of the product gives me the dewy look that I’m looking for and the gold glitter which it contains looks even more amazing when light reflects on it. The stickiness that some reviews have mentioned I did not experience. A little goes a long way so this product would last anyone for years. It is a great body illuminizer which I would recommend to anyone.



The Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint is my favorite liquid lipstick and I can’t wait to own all the shades. Many matte lipsticks leave your lips feeling dry and uncomfortable but the Stunna Lip Paint is the total opposite! The shade I recently purchased is Unlocked, a vivid pink! It is perfect for Spring and Summer looks. Don’t think it will suit your skin tone? I think not, this shade is stunning on all skin tones. It is also very long lasting but my only problem with this lipstick is that it transfers easily.



The temperature in St.Kitts has rapidly been increasing which means that ladies with oily to combination skin, like myself have a harder time keeping our makeup matte all day. Mac Prep + Prime Fix + is my favorite setting spray and it is now available in a matte finish. It definitely prevented me from getting oily but the finish looks no different than the original Mac Prep + Prime Fix +, it makes your makeup look so skin like.

All of these products are a hit for me! Be sure to tag me in your Spring and Summer looks featuring any of these products! What products would you like me to review next?


Tropical Beau



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