Miraval Life In Balance Spa

Loving yourself and taking care of yourself is very important. Sometimes it may require a huge splurge but remember, you are worth it! The spa is my favorite place to go to when I feel like being pampered or need to unwind. Recently I tried a new spa on the island,  the Miraval Life In Balance Spa and my experience there was idyllic!

The Spa is located at the Park Hyatt Resort at Christophe Harbor. It is required that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment so that you can prepare for your treatment. When I arrived I was greeted with a warm welcome from my technician Tishanna. She then gave me a tour of the spa, where I was introduced to all of spa’s amenities which includes a sauna, steam shower and pool.  I was then taken to the locker room to prepare for my treatment. You are given your own locker where you can put your personal items during your treatment and your locker also includes a robe, slides, towel, wash cloth and everything you need to get comfortable.



The Chamomile Detox Facial was my treatment of choice.  This facial is best suited for persons who have oily, breakout-prone and congested skin. Its aim is to detoxify the skin. Organic or Eco friendly products, for example EmerginC was used to do so. I enjoyed every single minute of this 50 minute facial, one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. Did I forget to mention that this was my first facial?  My technician educated me on each step of my facial and why it is important in the routine. I left wanting to take even better care of my skin and of course wanting to come back for more facials.




After my facial I changed into my swimwear and relaxed by the plunge pool. Luckily I had the pool to myself so it was even more peaceful. I napped, day dreamed and I had an entire photo-shoot because Park Hyatt has the most amazing architecture that makes perfect backgrounds for photos.



Lost in tranquility, I spent 4 hours lounging by the pool. Showers are provided to freshen up after your visit to the spa. The shower room was actually my favorite part of the spa. From its marble counter tops to its outdoor shower is just so stunning!





My overall experience at the Miraval Life In Balance Spa was AMAZING. My skin felt so refreshed and I had gotten that “Miraval Glow”! I absolutely loved the aesthetic and clean, modern look of the spa as well. Add the Miraval Life In Balance Spa to your island bucket list, I think it would be a great gift to a loved one and even a great gift to YOU.

Guess what? I also vlogged my experience at this Spa, check it out!  A more detailed tour of the Spa can be seen here.




Tropical Beau

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