Feting 101 : 5 Fete Tips You Need To Know!

My Kittitian Summer has begun and it has been nothing but good vibes thus far! This Summer, St.Kitts has stepped up their game when it comes to the party scene, every week there has been something to do. Other Caribbean islands such as St.Lucia, Antigua and Barbados have been  feting PLENTY as well since they have Summer Carnivals. Since we all limin’ I thought it would be a great time to share my Fete Tips which promotes having a fun, yet safe Summer.




TIP #1 : Gather The Right Crew

Make sure you’re having fun with the right Famalay this Summer! A crew that knows how to have a good time, never changes their mind on plans and most importantly will have your back. Although I believe that you can fete alone and still have a grand time, feting with a crew is ten times better.

TIP #2: Be An Early Bird

I am honestly a hypocrite for this tip because I tend to purchase tickets for events last minute. Don’t follow this practice, have a summer budget and buy your tickets early! You will definitely save way more when you purchase early bird tickets. Also, some fetes are more popular than some and fetes also cater to a specific number of people so be safe than sorry and grab your tickets early before they are sold out! Don’t be that person that waits until the day before the fete to buy a ticket (aka me).


TIP #3: Theif Whine With Caution

This tip is for the guys. If you want a whine proceed with caution! Sometimes us ladies just want to dance alone so don’t take it personal when you get rejected. I’m not saying do not theif a whine but be smooth with it and make sure you can whine!



TIP #4: Stay Hydrated!

Drinking alchohol is all fun and games until you OD. It’s okay to take water breaks, stay hydrated. You may need the help of a friend to watch your back after one too many drinks, that is fine but also do not always be that friend that needs babysitting and make the whole crew leave the party early. You should know how much liquor you can handle, pace yourself. Drink responsibly!



TIP #5: Have Fun!

Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy the entertainment, take in the vibes and dance like no one is watching. You paid your money to party so you deserve nothing but good energy. P.s do not be that person that goes to a fete just to look at people have fun, have fun too!

Hope everyone is having a LIT summer thus far, if not start now! We want nothing but good vibes this Summer! Also remember, stay safe!

Don’t know what events are coming up for the remainder of June? I got you!





Tropical Beau




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