Sugar Mas 48 Checklist!

Can you believe it? It is already that time of the year when we start to prepare for Sugar Mas, the St.Kitts-Nevis National Carnival! Sugar Mas begins in November 8th and ends on January 4th. This year we are celebrating 48 years of carnival which will consist of many fetes, pageants, competitions, bar crawls and of course, ‘PRETTY MAS’! Missing Sugar Mas is not an option, this year will be one for the books and Tropical Beau is here to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience!


Photo Courtesy Top Off Brunch 

If you are visiting St.Kitts for the first time, a returning visitor or returning home the best time to purchase your flight is NOW as prices can get a little steep closer to the holidays.  St.Kitts has one airport, the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport. Airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, Liat, British Airways, Winair  and much more do fly to this airport.

When is the best time to fly into St.Kitts?  To have the full Sugar Mas experience I will recommend staying from December 20th to January 5th. This way you will be able to attend our most popular fetes, jouvert and participate in our Grand Carnival Parade and Last Lap.



Photo Courtesy Inception Fete
Photography by G Vision Photography
Photography by Bajan Tube

We Feting all day and all night for Sugar Mas 48! Round up your fete crew, cop your tickets early and get ready to run drinks!



Photography by Shadan Production
Photography by Shadan Production
Photo Courtesy by Red Devils

One of the most anticipated events for Sugar Mas is Jouvert! Jouvert takes place on December 26th every year. Right after Christmas Day, we hit the streets of Basseterre and whine off all that weight we gained from that yummy Christmas food.  The choice is yours to join one of the following Jouvert Bands for an all inclusive experience or freelance throughout the streets of Basseterre behind any of our local bands as they will be bringing their big trucks to the streets of Basseterre too!



Photography by CreateOne Media
Photography by CreateOne Media

The St.Kitts-Nevis National Carnival continues into the New Year and these parties ensure that you enter into the year having the time of your lives with family and friends! 

  • Luxe by Carambola Beach Club
  • Salt Plage New Years Glow Party
  • Spice Mill’s New Years Party



Photography by
Photography by Jay Black Photography
Photography by Jay Black Photography

A couple hours after counting down to a New Year we head to the streets of Basseterre! In St.Kitts we kick off our New Year with the Sugar Mas National Grand Parade on January 1st and Last Lap on January 2nd. Sugar Mas has two days of Mas because one day is just never enough!  Joining a Mas Band are one of the many ways you can participate in this carnival parade. There are many Mas Bands you can choose from that will give you an all inclusive package which consists of a carnival costume, entertainment, food, drinks and other amenities.

On January 1st, we dance through the streets of Basseterre in our full carnival costumes and on January 2nd your costume can still be worn but it is the day you show off your trendy Last Lap Wear (Monday Wear). Some Mas Bands offer Last Lap packages if you’ll like to play Mas for one day only and they also provide Last Lap Wear for a discounted rate for their revellers.

Photography by Bjon Bass of Stylejerk Creates



Photography by Jay Black Photography

Stay glam on the road and at your favorite fetes with the best accessories!

Bedazzled Cups


Carnival Boots/Sneakers



Photography by

Feting and snatching wigs at the same time?! Goals! Our local, talented makeup artists can help you do just that! Stay beat sis!



St.Kitts and Nevis has many hotels that will ensure that your stay is as comfortable and home like as possible. Majority of the hotels and resorts listed below are in close proximity to town and the airport. Frigate Bay, is home to many of these hotels and resorts. Airbnbs, restaurants and a few of our beautiful beaches can also be found in this community as well.  For those of you who are interested in a quick getaway to Nevis, don’t worry I did not forget you!



Miraval Life In Balance Spa

It is important to feel and look your best during and after Carnival! A spa day is essential for every carnival lover!




While you are in St.Kitts it is only right that you partake in at least one out of many of our island excursions!


The St.Kitts-Nevis National Carnival is ready to see YOU engage in its activities, indulge in the culture and MISBEHAVE!

Have a safe and amazing Sugar Mas 48!



The Feterist

Be sure to keep an eye out for amazing Sugar Mas 48 shots from Stylejerk Creates, Create One Media,, Jay Black Photography and Shadan Production.

* does not claim owner ship of any images posted on this blog.  If you are captured in any of the above images and do not wish to be, please contact for removal.




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