Sugar Mas Road Guide!

Time for D Road! We are exactly one day away from a Kittitian Feterist’s dream, SUGAR MAS! Thus far Sugar Mas 48 has been a movie so we can only imagine what our two day road experience is going to be like, what a way to kick in the new year!

This will be my fourth time playing mas here in St.Kitts, it is only right that I share my favorite Sugar Mas tips with you!

1. PACE yourself!


Jumping, whining and chipping all day with your favorite band is a workout! Begin your day by eating a heavy breakfast, you need that energy! At this point the road will accept whatever body you give it. Usually mas bands provide meals as well, don’t skip these meals as consuming only alcohol all day is not a great idea. If you want to make it pass Greenlands, stay hydrated! Drink lots of water and even energy drinks like Gatorade before and even during the road.

2. Hide your stockings bands.


Stocking waistbands can look a little tacky when they are seen. They should be hidden using your costume. If you are having a hard time keeping it in place, sewing or even super glueing it to your costume will do the trick.

Need last minute stockings? Here’s a few local sellers that I’ll recommend.


3. Road Pouch!


Having a road bag is a great idea because you get to carry all your road essentials with you. Whether it’s a fanny pack, crossbody or hand pouch walk with d ting!

Here’s a list of a few things that I take with me on the road.

  • Lipgloss or lipstick of choice
  • Wex money (Emergency cash)
  • Phone (Need to get bomb selfies all day)
  • Face Powder for that quick makeup touch up
  • Compact Mirror


4. Sunscreen

Imagine Fort Street sun on New Years Day, whew in here hot eh! Take care of your skin and apply sunscreen to your body before you hit the streets of Basseterre. I love wearing sunscreen with a body illuminizer it gives your body a great glow!


5. Get in your section!


Sugar Mas is judged very seriously! Everyone must be in their sections when arriving to each judging point. This will help your mas band earn points to become band of the year. Meeting with your mas band early will also help them earn points. Be punctual, the feting begins at 10:30/11 o’clock!


6. Stay Comfy!

Since we will be jamming on the road all day you  want to ensure that your carnival boots or sneakers are as comfortable as possible. Wearing socks or insoles will help! Socks should be worn under your stockings.

I really cannot believe this day is already here! I hope that everyone had a great carnival season like I did! Have a safe yet fun time on the road and a blessed 2020!


Tropical Beau







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