Sugar Mas 48: The Fetes

Sugar Mas is done DONE? I really cannot believe it! The fetes, the music, THE VIBES for Sugar Mas 48 was oh so amazing, the best year yet! This Sugar Mas your girl fete PLENTY and I can’t wait to share my experience with you!



Silent Night


The first fete I attended this carnival season was Silent Night by Dj Tero, a fete where your entertainment comes from a pair of headphones. This was my first time attending a headphones fete/party which I personally thought would be weird with everyone listening, dancing and singing along to different music at the same time but it was pretty good!  There were three stations to choose from, Dancehall, Soca and Hip Hop. Djs that played at this party included Akaiiusweet, Dj Elementz from Antigua, Street Vibes Sound and of course Dj Tero, just to name a few. There were also a few live performances which I thought was a great addition to this fete by Dejour and Rucas H.E.

The vibes at this party was CRAZY good! Despite the weather, it was a bit rainy that evening, soca lovers like myself stayed on the balcony of the location and danced the night away, break up the people stage and hanged on the ceilings. There were also a lot of Dancehall fans singing and having a blast to the latest dancehall hits! I do not recall food being available but a top shelf cash bar was available all evening. Silent Night was an AMAZING fete and I wish I experienced this much sooner as this was the second year this fete had been taken place. I definitely would not be missing it this year and I will recommend that everyone has it on their fete list for Sugar Mas 49.

Cooler Fete


Where do we work? COOLER FETE. Where do we live? At COOLER FETE Industrial! Cooler Fete by Canejuice, the most anticipated fete of the season was one for the books! Cooler Fete as the name suggests is a fete where you have the option of bringing a Cooler. You have the option of being apart of the #CoolerCrew or a #GoldBarBabe where drinks are inclusive all night.  Every year patrons come with some pretty creative coolers, I even saw one with a foam pit!

This year was my favorite year and I saw it coming. The stellar line up had me sold! The entertainment line up included some of my favorite soca artists such as Motto, Kerwin Du Bois and Patrice Roberts. Local entertainers that I loved was Kollision Band and Nicha B, it was quite refreshing to hear Nicha B perform live as I have not heard him perform in quite some time. Teejay also made an appearance, Cooler Fete never leaves out the dancehall fans!  Although I am not a big fan of dancehall I really enjoyed his performance.  Cooler Fete is always lit! A lot of persons usually return home just in time for this fete, everyone’s excitement for carnival is very high at this point and Cooler Fete provides a great, chill environment for patrons which everyone loves. You get to bang drinks with friends you have not seen in a while, enjoy the great entertainment and wukkup to the sweet local riddims!


My only complaint about Cooler Fete this year was the waiting time for drinks at the Gold Bar, it took me about 20 minutes to get a drink which was disappointing when all you want to do is fete. This was the first time I’ve had any issues with the bar at any Canejuice event so I trust that they’ll do better next time.




Chattabox Jouvert made their way to St. Kitts for the first time and I was down for the new experience. Their packages started at $175 which was a big jump to what I usually pay for jouvert here in St.Kitts but I trusted that they would provide a new yet fun experience to St.Kitts. You had the option to choose between two bodysuit options or a T-shirt. This was included in your package along with powder, a moody cup, goggles, a face mask, chattabox company Caribbean flag, temporary tattoos, stickers, food chits (Food included was soup, three options were provided at the beginning of jouvert and bread and cheese which was provided a little bit later that morning) and a wristband which should be worn at jouvert so that you can have unlimited drinks.



27CAC6C9-9BFB-4F24-BED5-9C1532C9E236Chattabox started off with a Foam Pre Party at 3:30 am and we touched the road at 5:30 am as promised. When I got there the energy was not high but that changed once we hit the road. A lot of regional and local soca/wilders was played which I enjoyed very much. Drinks were a little bit difficult to get, not because the bartenders were not doing their job or lack of drinks but the drivers were racing for no reason. Once I got my drinks they were 90% rum and 10% chaser, was I surprised? No. This is what feting in St.Kitts is like, I accustom hehe. Personally it is not an issue for me and bartenders had no problem adding in more chaser, you just have to know how to pace yourself too. The warm bread and cheese Chattabox provided definitely helped to soak up the rum, it was so yummy! Will I play in Chattabox again for jouvert? Most definitely! I bathed in powder, lost the sole of my shoes and full my belly with bread, what a time!


Top Off Brunch


Oh how I love a good Brunch! Top Off Brunch by Baad Life Ent came back with a BANG! Y’all thought the first Top Off Brunch last summer was good? Well this one was even better! The location changed to Fairview Greathouse and Botanical Gardens which I loved very much, it was great for pictures and was spacious. Food and mimosas were inclusive.  Some of the food offered were assorted fruits, waffles, chicken, bacon (my favorite, yummm), pancakes, saltfish and johnny cakes. I also drank so much champagne, I literally was in champagne heaven!



After everyone filled their bellies, that’s when the vibes at the party kicked off and the entertainment was top tier! Hell Fire Sounds, TNO Sounds and Power Surge from St. Lucia did not disappoint. Dj Tero and Dj Lady Drea also collaborated and those two combined was pure FIREEE. I think my ultimate wire waist came out at Top Off Brunch, I had so much fun! Everyone looked so beautiful as well, the fits were really nice! Thankfully we do not have to wait another year for this great fete, Summer we LIT again!


Inception Fete


After Top Off Brunch, I went home and took a nap because I needed all the rest I can get for the longest fete in history, Inception Fete, a drinks inclusive fete which takes place from 9pm to 9am.  Inception Fete is not for the weak! This year was the tenth year this fete took place with headliners such as Aidonia, Lil Natty and Thunda and Skinny Fabulous. Inception Fete is my “boujee fete”. I usually dress extra cute and splurge on some VIP tickets.

The VIP lounge never disappoints! There were endless food, they even had my favorite corn soup by Hazel, multiple drink bars, plenty of space to whine up yourself and a great view of the stage. The turnout at Inception Fete was not the best in my opinion but the patrons who attended did make the best out of this fete and enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed the headliners performances (except Aidonia but let’s not go there) but I am shook, your girl popped down! I was weak! I literally took a nap after I jump up to Skinny Fabulous and woke up just in time to hear my favorite local band, Kollision Band then I was back in action again! Overall Inception Fete was good but it definitely was not my favorite year.


Soca Seas

Fete of the season? SOCA SEAS! Soca Seas by Tidal x Nova was a food and drinks inclusive boat cruise which pretty much sold out in less than a month. If you did not make it to Soca Seas because of this reason, sorry but you missed out on a grand time boo!

I swear I went to every country’s carnival while I was on that boat because they literally played EVERYBODY’S soca and I was living! Bashment and Dennery segments, I loved! Dj Tero and all the other amazing Djs such as Power Surge, Dj Timmy and Real Right Ent, thank you! The Feterist also known as Aaliyah definitely came out as well as everybody on that boat’s fetin’ side. It was literally non-stop vibes! Remember, the boat has a capacity so do not come last this year, buy your tickets early!

Sugar Mas 48 has been my favorite Sugar Mas thanks to these fetes! I cannot wait to fete again for Sugar Mas 49! The fete list will get longer and I know it is going to be BIGGER and BETTER!



Tropical Beau.



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