Sugar Mas 48 : The Road ft. Luxe Carnival

It is officially one month since I had the time of my life with the newest band in St. Kitts, LUXE Carnival! Sugar Mas takes place every year on January 1st and 2nd. Yes, we get to bring in the New Year on THE ROAD with our sweet music and pretty costumes! Here’s a quick recap of how my experience was on the road this year with LUXE Carnival!

Why LUXE Carnival?

This was my 4th year playing mas in St.Kitts and many people wondered why did I choose to play with a new mas band this year. LUXE Carnival was revealled January 2019 and kept their hype and persons’ interest ever since, till this day (I cannot say “till this day” without thinking of the meme lmao) with their consistent posts on all their social media. I absolutely loved that because there were no Mas Bands in St.Kitts keeping the hype for Sugar Mas year round.

LUXE Carnival was then the first band to launch for Sugar Mas 48 with their theme being The Evolution. I attended this launch and I was obsessed with the costumes and had a hard time deciding between the sections Carib and Creole, there were 5 sections.


LUXE Carnival stole my heart for Sugar Mas 48 first! What I’ve always wanted to see from our Mas Bands they brought it.

The Fetes

“New band, most vibes!”, well they did not lie because they started the vibes early by hosting two fetes and even a fitness class! Both fetes, one being a foam fete were hosted at a popular bar, Vibes which is located on The Strip at Frigate Bay. These fetes were a great way to get a taste of St.Kitts’ night life. Popular Djs such as Dj Lady Drea and Dj Tero made the night even better with their fire mixes.

Costume + Goodie Bag

LUXE Carnival presented 5 sections and my choice for the road was Creole by Kwasi Mc Donald. Costume collection were a few days before the road ofcourse and it went very smoothly. I spent no more than 15 minutes collecting my costume. A team member went through my goodie bag and made sure I had all of my costume pieces, which I did. My costume was made exactly like the prototype which was AMAZING and I was in love! My feathers were huge, I was the ultimate frontline babe! The goodie bag was a holographic tote which is so cute and included amazing goodies like a souvenier LUXE Carnival cup, water bottle, face scrub, natural soap bar, a compact mirror and much more.


LUXE Carnival also had a day specifically for costume fittings  if you needed any adjustments made to your costume which I thought was clutch. My costume designer, Kwasi assisted me with bending my wire bra and I was then officially feeling myself in my costume.

The Road


This year’s National Grand Carnival Parade and Last Lap was one for the books! First stop when I touch the road, the drinks truck! The drinks truck was huge and the service was great, never stood long waiting to get served or for my drinks.


There were also two music trucks, one with my favorite local band, Kollision Band and the other with a stellar entertainment line up! This entertainment line up included International Stephen, Dr Haze, Dj Avalanche, Dj Tero, Dj Lady Drea and much more! I loved having the option between the two. Both trucks were Vibes! Although it was LUXE Carnival’s first year on the road, there were great numbers and everyone was filled with so much energy! Love to see it!

Let’s talk about how these people wanted to buss my belly on the road! The food was so yummy! On Day 1 there were baked chicken served with rice, veges and macaroni pie and there were also fried wings with bakes! On Day 2 I had cookup which was available literally all day! Vegan options were also available. Another amenity that I loved is the bus that was provided for revelers to sit and eat, or if you just needed some rest. It was big enough where I didn’t even have to take off my backpack to sit next to persons.



I literally had so much fun on the road with LUXE Carnival, the service was great, the vibes was the best on the road, period and the entertainment was top tier!

This was the mas band’s first year and they did the most so imagine what they have in store for 2021. Whew I’m not ready! Did I mention LUXE Carnival placed second for Band Of The Year? Okurrr!

LUXE for the road for Sugar Mas 49!



Tropical Beau



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