Protective Styles That You Must Try

Well damn if you can’t go to the hair salon where the hell could you go? Let’s admit it, Covid-19 has came into our lives and has just switched up everything including our daily trips to the hair salon and the beauty supply stores. Although both are open we still have to be very cautious when going to these places. If any of your local hair stylists or beauty supply stores have not put anything in place to prevent the contraction of this disease then please do not risk it!

Luckily here in St.Kitts a lot of changes have  been made to prevent contracting Covid-19 so when I tell you I ran to the beauty supply store so fast, believe me! I was out of so many products and I desperately needed a protective style to keep my hair in check. Just like many ladies, doing my  hair, nails, lashes and even dressing up keeps me sane.

While on quarantine I decided to attempt braiding my hair for the first time by trying Passion Twists. This pandemic is really bringing out the inner chefs, hairstylists, seamstresses and even beauty gurus out of everyone, love to see it!  I’m trying to refrain from leaving my house as much as I can so I can keep myself, my family and my community safe, so I would rather do my own hair for awhile. It did not come out perfect or as great as a professional would have done it but I am happy that my hair is looking cute and placed in a style that will help it to grow while I’m on quarantine. Here’s how I did it!



What You’ll Need!

  • Jumbo Bohemian Style Braiding Hair (2)
  • Rubber Bands (The rubber band method was used to secure the braids)
  • Scissors (Used to cut each bundle of hair in half)
  • Coconut Oil (To oil scalp)
  • Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion and Oil
  • Gorilla Snot

I did not teach myself how to do these braids, here’s the YouTube tutorial that I used for guidance and was very helpful. I switched up the products and technique just a little bit which worked best for my hair. Next time I attempt these braids I think I will do them a bit tighter and smaller. Second time is always the charm!

Here’s a few other protective styles that I love and would suggest you’ll also try at home during quarantine!


You cannot go wrong with a sleek ponytail gurl! You may have seen this popular hair style on celebrities we love such as Ciara and Queen B! It’s a favorite of mines just because its easy to accomplish, affordable and it looks GOOD. This can be worn low or high in different textures/styles such a kinky, straight, curly and even braided.


Bantu Knots


Bantu Knots can be done using your hair and with a few of the products listed above. You can have this hairstyle in while indoors but if you decide to leave the house or just want to take some cute pictures you can remove them for perfect curls!





Have you always wanted to try making your own wig or support a local entrepreneur? Now is the time to do so! These babies come in various styles that you can simply pull on and off, regardless how ratchet that may sound but honestly they come in handy when you need a quick look! They also allow you try styles that you do not want to try with your actual hair such as bold colours and cuts!


If you decide to try any of these styles during quarantine tag me on Instagram (@tropicalbeau_), I’ll love to see it! Stay safe and remember to practice social distancing!



Tropical Beau



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