My Wash and Go Routine

I finally joined the natural hair gang and I must say I love it here! August 2020 was when I decided to go natural and recently I trimmed my hair but it has been growing thick and beautiful since. A bit of Postpartum hair loss have been trying to let me down but my hair has been fighting strong!

I’ve been basically doing the same wash and go routine for awhile now, it’s quick and easy plus I love these products so I thought I would share with my fellow natural hair sisters!

Step 1 : Leave In Conditioner

While my hair is still wet from my wash day routine I apply the Aunt Jackie’s Moisture Intense Leave In Conditioner to my hair. I then brush through my hair using my detangling brush, my curls immediately pop out and my hair already feels super moisturized!

Step 2: Moisturize!

Before I use a gel to pop my curls I need to lock in some moisture which I realize my hair needs a lot of since it’s so thick! My go to moisturizer is Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil Moisturizer. This product makes my hair so soft and smooth.

Step 3: Style to Perfection

Since my hair is on the shorter side right now there’s not much styles I can do but just make sure my curls are popping! Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink – Elongating Curling Gel does just that! It also contains Flaxseed which is awesome for hair growth. You also want to make sure your hair is damp when applying this product. I comb through from end to root and also sometimes twist individually for an even better finish!

I can’t wait to take you along my natural hair journey with me! Any other products you think I should try?

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